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Reindeer's Dream Audio Tale

May this “Reindeer’s Dream” audio tale bring you Christmas Spirit and Happiness for the New Year 2015.

“Dreams are the Signposts of Life.”

Story: Marita Rainbird
Narration: Alphonce Rama (Cross)
Music: “Santa Clsaus is Coming to Town G” to Daisito ”
Sound Recording: Tracklab, Kenya
Production: Marita Rainbird

Glimpses of the EventFul Day

Alphamatone, Cross, Qwachezz, Nyamai


Click the photo for the video

Launching of Bignet Children’s Videos and Closing Event of “Rainbird Tales Kenya – Environment through the Eyes of Slum Children” on 14 November 2014 in Kabiria/Nairobi, Kenya.

A lot of fun with dancing to the tune of local musicians:Nyamai, Balozi and Cops of Humanity (Alphamatone and Qwachezz). The event was MCed by Alphonce Rama alias Cross.

People Daily Newspaper on 26.11.2014



People Daily Newspaper ArticleRainbird finds sunshine in slums, People Daily 26

Rainbird finds sunshine in slums, People Daily 2 Daily 26.11.2014

Community Radio

1. Cross and Innocdent in Radio Mtaani

Saturday morning

6.30 am

Kabiria still sleeping

in a muddy silence.


The children’s programme

in Mtaani Radio

started at 7 am

airing the first story of ours.


Innocent, narrator of

“Saved by the Zebra”

landed in the studio

with a big smile, gum boots and umbrella.


Cross and Marita

also interviewed

by Tebby

energetic host of the show.


The first listener

with a right answer to a quizz

was rewarded with Rainbird Tales DVD

like the ones of five following Saturdays.


On the way home

Innocent enjoyed the privilege

of using Marita’s camera

and that of a hot cup of tsai.


The world looked grey

but our hearts were singing

with joy.

Job well done.

2. Tebby on air

3. Innocent and Marita

4. Cross and Innocent

5. Cross and Marita

5. Kabiria road in rain

6. Life goes on

7. Life goes on 2

8. Not exactly French Riviera

9. Goat war rained on

10. Tsai time

Medical Camp



Our partners

Doctors of Africa

have been tutoring

the children

every Monday

since May.


 Our partners

Doctors of Africa

arranged a medical camp

to the community

the other Saturday

in Bignet School.


 The participation of


could have been

more active.

The cost of three euros per child

seemed to be too high.


 The health of the children

checked up during the camp

is affected by malnutrition.

Daily portion of ugali and cabbage

is just not enough

to maintain good health.


 We wish to thank

our partners

Doctors of Africa

for their invaluable work

with the children.

Doctors of Africa

Faith in Registration

Doctor's consultation

Mother waiting outside

EventFul Day 14.11.

 Ambassadors for Children, Rainbird Tales & Cops of Humanity

Early Friday morning

at 5.30 am

the day of the Event

the phone rang.


It was a colleague

meant to do

the video coverage

of the Event.


He had been arrested

the previous night

blocking the road

with his then dysfunctional car.


He was to be taken

to the court shortly.

Good morning

rainy day!


No cameraman

the water bought for the guests

stuck in the boot of his car.

Roads turned into muddy rivers.


The Rainbird was calling.

Water everywhere.


The Event began

two hours late

with children and guests

in good spirits.


A lot of entertainment

in the programme.

Singing, dancing and launching of the kids’ videos.

No long speeches.


Recognition of talents

three of each category

writing, music and drawing.

Soft toys to two smallest ones.


Festive ceremony with certificates.

The Cops of Humanity certainly

tickled the laughter nerves

of the audience.


Media well presented

Citizen Tv, KTN, QTV, Mtaani Radio.

Journalists in command

both during and after the Show.


Hopefully the publicity

the following day

news on three channels

will keep the Rainbird flying.


  1. PS. The water was carried

along muddy roads

for the guests to enjoy.

The colleague

released from jail

later the same day.

Our small group of four

multitasking happily.


Asanteni sana watoto na walimu wa Bignet.

Nimependeswa sana kufanya kasi nani.

Mungu awa bariki.


Video coming soon …

0. Road to the venue

1. Venue waiting for guests

2. Graduates's procession

3. Pauline ready for press and guests

4. Asher at work in the maze of the slum

5. Audience

6. Marita and Citizen tv, KTN, QTV

7. John Bigingi with media

7. Recognition of Talents

8. MCs; Cross and Kwatch

9. Cops of Humanity with graduates

10. Graduates

11. John Bigingi and Mdm Sarah

12. Rainbird Tales Kenya with Cops of Humanity

 Links to the launched Music Video and AudioVisual Book of the Bignet children:

Launch of Music Video, AudioVisual Book and Audio Stories


DVD Cover


DVD with “Rainbird Calling” Music Video and “Rainbird Tales” AudioVisual Book

Click the DVD to see the Music Video

We are happy to share the musical and audio-visual fruits of  “Rainbird Tales Kenya” with you. May this album bring joy and encourage us to continue working for the protection of our beautiful world using our creativity.

CD Cover

CD with “Rainbird Calling” Theme Song, 5 stories by Bignet Children and an animal story from “Rainbird Tales Finland”

Click the CD  to see the AudioVisual Book

Album Cover

Album  with  DVD and CD

Press Release and Event Programme


Launch of Children’s Music Video and AudioVisual Book in Kabiria on 14 November 2014

The purpose of the “Rainbird Tales Kenya” Initiative was to open slum children’s minds and senses to their own environment and the beauty of their country as well as to teach them to respect life and to protect nature through creative story-telling, music, art, photographing, video shooting, excursions and the tall tales about Finnish nature and animals. Furthermore, the aim was to help children to discover their creative talents. “Rainbird Tales Kenya” Initiative received funding from the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

During the Initiative we were teaching the children from class 5 and 6 of Bignet Education Centre twice a week during February – November 2014. The local artists from Kabiria played a vital role in the training of the children.

The Initiative brought along visible changes in the children; their social, communication, English language and composition writing skills improved remarkably. Their self-esteem and motivation to study is now higher than before and their school performance improved. What is more, they discovered some of their hidden talents and are more aware of the importance of clean environment to their health.

We are happy to share the musical and audio-visual fruits of “Rainbird Tales Kenya” with the world. The music and audio and video stories about animals and environment were created by children from Bignet Education Centre during the Initiative.

The Album is a living proof of the potential of every child no matter how his or her their background is. Not all children possess academic interests or skills but can find success in life through different forms of art. Unfortunately, the Kenyan education system puts emphasis on academic studies and does not encourage children to discover and develop their creative talents. Anyway, may this Album bring joy and encourage us to continue working for the protection of our beautiful world using our creativity.

The Launching Event will be participated by Cops of Humanity. They are the Police Ambassadors for Children informing them of Children’s Rights and making a positive change in people’s attitudes towards the Kenyan Police Force. The overall goal of their activities is to build a safe country for the coming generations.

We both believe that the best way to change the world is through children. With our co-operation we wish to achieve sustainability for our work through visibility. We are looking for partners to be able to continue our work with children using information and creativity.


 Further information

icebreaker logo

Icebreaker Productions

Marita Rainbird





RAINBIRD TALES KENYA – Environment through the Eyes of Slum Children

Launch of Children’s Music Video and AudioVisual Book


Dear Sirs/Ladies,

You are warmly welcome to celebrate the Launch of children’s AudioVisual Tales and the Official Closing Day of the term of Bignet Education Centre on Friday 14 November 2014 at 10 am – 2 pm in the Word Power Church in Kabiria (Kabiria Road, next to Kivuli Center). Cops of Humanity will be entertaining us as special guests in the event which is MCed by Alphonce Rama.


10.00 – 11.00  

Music performance by Balozi

Welcome speech, John Bigingi, Director of Bignet Education Centre

Poems by Bignet Children

Fruits of the Initiative, Marita Rainbird, Producer of “Rainbird Tales Kenya”

 11.00 – 11.30

Launch of children’s “Rainbird Calling” Music Video and “Rainbird Tales Kenya” AudioVisual Book

 11.30 – 11.45  

Recognition of Talents

 11.45 – 12.15 

Open mike

12.15 – 12.45

Music & Encouragement, Cops of Humanity, Studio Kenya

 12.45 – 13.15   

Graduation ceremony of Pre-unit and Class 3 students

13.15 – 14.00

Mingling Pamoja


For further information please visit our blog and “Ngoma Nationale” and “Afande Mtaani” on youtube.

Animating the Tales

Getting ready


Since February this year

the children have been writing

hundreds of stories

about animals and nature.


touching and magical.


We took six children

to studio

to do the narration of

five best stories about

rainbow, zebra, cat and dog,

fashion show and a giant.


We took their tutor Cross

to studio

to do the narration of

a Finnish animal story about

a wagtail and a lizard

summer in a Finnish countryside.


I can’t wait to share

the ready audio and video tales

with the world.

To show that

if there is a will

there is way

to make a difference

in the world.

Cross behind the camera

Serious business

View from studio

8 Tracklab guys







Teacher Maureen

Lunch after hard work

Delicious but not healthy

Music Video in Progress

 Can't wait to see the video

It happened again

the Rainbird was calling

during the night

as always when

we have activities

with children.


It happened again

there was a lot of smiles

dancing and singing

when we were shooting

the music video

in Bignet community school.


Children wearing their

Sunday clothes.

Girls dressed in bright colours

high heels and

hair all tiptop.

Boys in jeans and

with shiny cheeks.


The home-made green screen

worked just fine

giving  life for future images of

wild animals from Masai Mara

monkeys from Central Park

neighbourhood reality from Kabiria.


Can’t wait for the video

to come out

from oven

fresh with new ideas

flavoured with joy and excitement

baked with peace and love.


To deliver a message.

1 Girl in yellow

Boys dancing

Green screen

 Getting ready

Work is fun

Filming means waiting


Last shots

One for the road